It took the innocent confession of a seemingly happy four year old girl to open my eyes and see the hurt that she was feeling. “My parents don’t love me.”

I’ve seen how that fear can eat away at a person when left to fester unacknowledged. My work in this exhibition is my attempt to see the unseen and to give a platform to the internal hurt and violence people often try to ignore. It was created to acknowledge the uncomfortable truths and ugliness not just in the world, but in our world, in our lives.

The medium used was charcoal (with water), acrylic paint, India ink, and chalk pastels when creating these pieces. I felt they would properly illustrate the dark mood and the message I want to convey. I was very conscious of the marks I was making to create a sense of violence. The different levels of ‘finish’ are an attempt to create visual tension, as well as express a sense of rawness in the features and the works as a whole.

I use the drawn frames as a tool to create a ‘view’ into the life of the person’; to create a window into the life of these unseen people, and to make you look at these people and see something more than just the exterior put on for society.

I hope that, as a result of viewing my work people will be more aware and sensitive to the people around them; realizing that these people I depict are not just anonymous people in the world, but people in our lives. I feel that we often get so caught up in the things happening in the world around us that we miss seeing the hurt in the people around us.