Found Icons

Like Found objects, found icons takes preexisting images from traditional Bhutanese art and presents them in a way that creates a new conversation. It gives the audience a stage to consider how the re-presentation of the icons creates a scenario reflecting society and its behavior. The use of traditional Bhutanese icons are ideal for this as they are singular in their uses much like the generally (intended) singular functions of everyday objects. Structured and recreated with such precision and lack of variation like mass produced objects.

In my work I have used traditional Bhutanese ‘sa-tshen’ (earth paint) on ‘rhay-shing’ (cloth strung on wood) traditional Bhutanese canvas as a tribute to my rich culture and heritage. With the great fore sight of our kings our traditions and culture has been preserved and practiced to this day. Which is why I have the freedom to play and experiment, comforted in the knowledge that our Zorig Chusum (School of 13 arts) will be there to continue in the preservation of this.